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Updated: January 24, 2006

East Brunswick Rescue Now Accepts
Credit Card Donations

 Donors can contribute securely via squad’s website

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Within a week of the East Brunswick Rescue Squad launching its new online donation feature at, something interesting happened.

A donation appeared in the squad’s account.

“That was without any sort of promotion,” said Tony Bersani, squad vice president and chair of the Fund Drive Committee.

A phone call to the donor revealed that she recently had the need to call 9-1-1 and was so appreciative of the squad’s efforts afterward that she wanted to donate, Bersani said.

“She told me that she went to our website to find out how to donate and she decided to do it by credit card when she saw we accepted them,” he said. “That’s exactly the sort of convenience we’d hoped to provide to our donors.”

Last year, the squad partnered with LinkPoint International of Sun Valley, Calif., a provider of credit card equipment and services. Under the agreement, the squad links from its website at to LinkPoint’s servers, where the transaction takes place securely. An email alert notifies the squad of the transaction. The donor also receives a confirmation email.

“It’s important to note the multiple layers of security,” Bersani said. “Our site is secure, as is LinkPoint’s. And at no point does EBRS receive or need to store the donor’s credit card number.”

The squad does receive the donor’s address, phone number and the amount of the donation.

“We need the donor’s address to be sure we can remove that address from our annual mailing list,” Bersani said. “We try very hard not to solicit someone who has already contributed.”

The program works with Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards. American Express cards are not accepted because of the relatively high merchant fee, Bersani said. “We negotiated very hard to keep fees at the absolute minimum,” he noted.

“During this whole project, we focused on speed, ease and convenience,” Bersani said. “The transaction takes less than a minute, is available 24 hours a day and requires a minimal amount of information from the donor. It’s a nice feature to offer as we ramp up this year’s fund drive campaign.”

The online donation form is available at

About the East Brunswick Rescue Squad

The East Brunswick Rescue Squad is incorporated as a 501(c) non‑profit, volunteer‑run organization funded by charitable contributions. Its national‑ and state‑certified EMTs provide pre‑hospital trauma and medical life support to East Brunswick 24 hours a day, seven days a week with backing from strategic partnerships. Founded in 1952, the squad’s 100‑plus riding members contributed more than 18,000 hours of volunteer time and answered nearly 2,000 calls in 2005. The East Brunswick Rescue Squad is a member of the New Jersey State First Aid Council’s 14th District. The squad maintains a website at



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